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- Use wood or nylon utensils - Do not use metallic fibers - Do not cut inside the frying pan - Avoid overheating the pieces when empty - prueba - prueba 2

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Enamelware is metal, coated in a porcelain lining that makes it easy to clean, safe to heat, and long-lasting.

It is not recommended to use your enamelware utensils in the microwave. 

Enamelware products are recommended to be used only on gas stoves; they are not fit for use on an induction /glass stove.

Resistant to high temperatures –Enamel on steel resist up to 932°F, which allows you to have a very stain- resistant surface and will not alter its original color.

Antibacterial – Bacteria, microbes, bad odors, and detergent residues do not remain on the enamel steel surface, offering easy cleaning and a healthy kitchen, even when keeping food in the fridge

Long lasting appearance and performance – Enamelware is resistant to scratches caused by washing fibers and steel utensils, providing shine and durability to your pieces for a long time.

Toxic – Free – The porcelain surface is naturally non-stick and contains no harmful chemicals.

If the chipped is inside the piece and it is in direct contact with food, we recommend you stop using the piece.

If the chipped is outside, you can still use the piece.

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